• Pricing:

The cost for this service is $12 / per table. Clients who decide to get our Dance Floor Lighting Service, in addition to this service, will receive a $5 discount per table.  


Each rental includes 1 light, batteries, & transparent base.  Vases & any other centerpieces are not included.


If you would like to add a color filter to your lights please add $1 /per table (over 100 colors available!)

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Tip # 1

Let's say the color scheme for your fall wedding is burnt orange & yellow-orange.  

We would suggest making every other table burnt orange & the rest yellow-orange. 

When adding color to you centerpieces select a lighter color gel sheet to make sure you will not decrease the light output.  Our lights project a "soft white", no blue-ish hue.

Tip # 2

Other Table Lighting Options:

More table lighting options available here.

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