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The most realistic looking flameless wax candles

~ Wireless ~ Pin Spotting This lightweight battery operated pin spot attaches to drop-down ceilings or air ducts magnetically for a clean-cut look with no damage to ceilings or light stands/cords tor trip over! (Click on pic for more info)

Waterproof Micro Light Strings (Multiple Colors) LEDs are the size of a grain of rice! 20 LEDs per string.

Waterproof Micro Light Strings (Multiple Colors)

Another way of using our "Centerpiece Lights" without the base


>Table Down Lights< For halls using "Recessed Light Fixtures"

>Clear Centerpiece Bases with 7 LED Light< ~~These bright "soft white" lights are great for up lighting semi-transparent vases. Complete the look with our LED Pin spots!

>Waterproof Puck Lights< Choose any of 16 colors via remote, slow color mix, or color change with speed control. Over 8 times brighter than Mini Floralytes. Size of a hockey puck. ~~~ Uses: Vases (inside or out), paper lanterns, pools, & more!

>Waterproof Mini Floralytes< Small lights that can be submersed into vases

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