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LED Color Changing Jigsaw Lamps

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Pink Jigsaw Lamps

Jigsaw Lamp

Troy Marriot

Warm White LED

Plug to Socket

Socket to Plug Adapter

Bistro Light Strings

These hand-made 3D origami-style lamp shades, aka: Jigsaw Lamps, are a great addition to any indoor or covered outdoor event! They feature a white plastic design (when not lit) & can be changed to any of the 16 pre-set colors using the included 24 Function Wireless Remote. 


The LED bulb/remote also has a dimmer function & the ability to flash through all the colors, slowly color mix from one color to another, or simply stay one static color.

Option 1:  Using "Power Cord to Bulb Base"


  • Lighting type (RGB LED Bulb with 110v power cord)


  • 15 colors + cool white, Dimable via wireless remote


  • Brightness equivalent to a 40 -60 watt bulb (depending on color)


  • Modes: Static color, color change (all), color change (red, blue, green), & slow color mix




Option 2: Using our "Lamp Socket to Outlet Adapter" + "Power Cord to Lamp Socket"


  • May also be connected to a hall's recessed lighting can by simply removing bulb & screwing in our screw-base to outlet adapter for a clean-cut look. (See pic on left)


  • For a more relaxing color we can use our dimmable LED Warm White bulbs


  • Ideal for: Banquet Hall Ceilings, centerpieces for weddings, dramatic tent lighting, runway decor for fashion shows, & more!



Option 3:  Connect either bulbs directly to our Commercial Grade Bistro Lights Sets

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