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Into that !

Turn this "stock gobo"

Into that !

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Click on a pic to enlarge

Steel Stock "Pre-made" Gobos

    Gobo: "Goes Before Optics"

    "Stock" Gobos are pre-made gobos that you can select from Rosco's extensive list below.

   The design is cut out of a small piece of steel (in a stencil form) & placed in front of the light source inside the stage light fixture.  Use these to enhance your room's walls or ceiling by adding clouds, stars, fireworks, forest, flowers, abstract designs, & more!

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  • A list of steel stock gobos can be found - HERE -


  • We can order sample gobos to use at your lighting demo for $20 per gobo. If you choose to use a sample gobo for your lighting design with we will deduct this fee from your total bill from us.

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