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Outdoor "Wedding" Lighting

Lighted Pathways
Lighted Pathways

In this pic: Ropelight Stake Lights & Flood Lights

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NEW - Solar Bistro Lights
NEW - Solar Bistro Lights

No electrical outlet? No problem!

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Add some classy sparkle
Add some classy sparkle

Pictured: Very Slow/Random Twinkling Branch Lights (Warm White). 1 set shown

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Lighted Pathways
Lighted Pathways

In this pic: Ropelight Stake Lights & Flood Lights

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LED Blossom Trees - 7ft


  • Each clear plastic flower lights up a Coolt white when tree is plugged in (last pic)

  • Choose from "All-on" or "Soft Twinkling" Effect (a few flowers per branch will twinkle)

  • Optional LED Up Lights or flood lighting can be used to create a dramatic look (first 3 pics)

  • Cool to the touch LED lights

  • Add our brown wicker-look plastic tree planters, sheer, or snow blanket for a more decorative look


Bistro Light Strings


Solar Powered


Solar Powered

Plug-in or Solar


Visit our Bistro Lighting page - HERE

Ropelight Stake Lights


  • Lighted stakes are approx. 3ft high


  • Each set contains 6 Stake Lights spaced 6ft apart


  • Casts a warm white glow for pathways

Twinkling Pathway Branches -2ft


The warm white LEDs of thes Branch Lights randomly twinkle (fade on/off) for an elegant look to any event.

Flood Lighting
Tent Lighting
Table/Pathway Lighting

Firefly Lights


Info Coming Soon

Twinkling Orbs


  • These small battery operated LED balls cast a slow random glowing on/off effect similiar to lightning bugs for a magical effect!


  • 7 colors available. Floats in watter or hangs


Warm White

Cool White

More Colors!

LED Water, Ice, & Fire Projection Lights


Romantic Sparkling Effect!


  • These lights project onto any surface to create rippling water, ice crystals, or a calming sun ray effect depending on the color(s) you choose.


  • Project onto ceilings, walls, driveways, house, cake/treat tables, or use as an up light for a cool animated "star burst" effect!

  • See video to the left.


LED Above Ground Pool, Tent, or Outhouse Lights


  • Attaches magnetally & transmits electricity wirelessly through pool / tent liner or even the plastic wall of an outhouse


  • Light can be submersed into a pool with no risk of shock


  • Having a light inside an Outhouse is better than outside for more visibility & help keep mosquitoes aways from the surrounding area.

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