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    We are excited to be the first lighting company in Michigan to offer this NEW twist on the OLD FASHIONED steel gobos that have been used for weddings for over a decade! Don't get stuck with the same design all night. Want to add that special touch to your monogram?


Add animation or even have it introduce your whole wedding party / sports team for an awesome Grand Entrance that no one will forget!

Digital Gobo Pricing

* * In most cases, to project images properly, we need to have our stand & projector directly in front of the area where you wish the design to appear.

Please see our page on "Lighted Monogram Placement" for more help on this. 

Custom STEEL Gobos (Lighted Monograms)

    Gobo: "Goes Before Optics"

    Custom Steel Gobos have a brighter output than our "Digital Gobos/Monograms". They are more suited for dark dance floors & venues with large windows, or outdoor applications. Unlike our "Digital  Gobos/Monograms", these do not have the ability to make the text animated.  (Capable of producing only one design per steel gobo)

   The design is cut out of a small piece of steel (in a stencil form) & placed in front of the light source inside the stage light fixture.  Since the parts of steel need to be connected together to form a stencil, we may not be able to use certain font types.


Best of all, you get to keep your steel gobo for your scrapbook! If you do not wish to keep it, we will buy it back from you for $10 to use it for future demos with clients.

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"Steel" Gobo Pricing

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