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Halloween Lighting & Decor

LED Blossoom Trees - 7 ft


  • Each clear plastic flower lights up a Soft Bright white when tree is plugged in (last pic)

  • Optional LED Up Lights or flood lighting can be used to create a dramatic look (first 3 pics)

  • Cool to the touch LED lights

  • Cross-like stand can be used or we can use a metal garden stake (inside pole "trunk" part of tree) for a more natural look.


Purple, Orange, or Neon Green L.E.D. Light Strings

Bats, Spiders, & Lighted Bones

6ft Animated Lurching Zombie


  • Motion Sensor Activated


  • Makes grunting noises & leans towards the crowd.


  • Looks great with our Toxic Green spot light shining on him!

Animated Electric Chair Zombie


  • Motion Sensor Activated


  • Makes grunting noises & quickly sways back & forth in any chair!


  • Head, and hands strobe to look like electricity!


  • Looks great with our Toxic Green spot light shining on him!


  • More effect lighting available for this prop!

Haunted Lamp

Ghostly Projections - Awesome Effect!

LED Outdoor Black Lights


Have a glow party outside!


  • Makes any white or neon colored objects glow brightly in the dark


  • Also capable of strobing (flashing)


Twinkling Orbs


  • These small battery operated LED balls cast a slow random glowing on/off effect similiar to lightning bugs for a magical effect!


  • 7 colors available. Floats in watter or hangs


Animated Swinging & Singing Zombie Girl


  • Real Swinging motion


  • Head moves back and forth


  • Light up eyes


  • Hums a lullaby

LED Animated Mystic Projection Lights

Toxic Green

Fire: Red & Orange

Foggy Purple

Water: Cyan Blue & Green

Light Mike's Haunted House Party - 2015  (All decorations)

Warm White Flickering Bulbs   (Fits Standard Lamp Socket)

Life(less) - Sized


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