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Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve - Halloween Hoot Sneak Peak

Main Entrance


The main entrance to the trails will be a teaser of what's to come!

Featuring a purple lighted arch with a large 2.5ft holographic pumpkin on each side.

Guests will also be greated by the animated butler saying phrases to them.


Singing Pumpkins


These 6 singing pumpkins will be a fun entertainment for all ages!  These artifical pumpkins will be ontop of haystacks on both sides of an animated scarecrow. The trees in the background will be lit bright orange & yellow.

The Mad Scientist Laboratory


Look inside any of the windows to see this whole space decked out with laboratory beakers, microscopes, animated Scientists, magic potions, flickering lights, & more!  Check out a video of it in action here.

Storytime with Little Annabelle

Info coming soon!

Whispering Hollow Bridge


Guests will be able to walk across this web & spider infested lighted bridge & look down to see the lighted glistening water below!  The end of the bridge will be blocked with caution tape & a big spider with glowing red eyes.

If anyone has access to a canoe we would like to put a skeleton in it & have it stationary in the water with a blue light shinning on the canoe.


The Monster Bash Band


The kids will enjoy one of the main last attractions... The Monster Bash Band which will consist of several animated monsters (zombie, werewolf, & more) jamming to Halloween hits. We will make them more kid friendly by adding different shirts, hats & other props.

Purple, Orange, or Neon Green L.E.D. Light Strings

Bats, Spiders, & Lighted Bones

Haunted Lamp


LED Animated Mystic Projection Lights

Toxic Green

Fire: Red & Orange

Foggy Purple

Water: Cyan Blue & Green

Some of the effect lighting we use!

Life(less) - Sized


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